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IELTS Academic Module is world-widely  held by British Council and it is meant to measure up the volunteers` English competence at the professional level.

Those intending to continue education in the British, Australian or Canadian universities are required to present a reasonable IELTS Academic Band.




One Reading Lesson

Professionl words in the text

Do you know the meaning of the word :" Sensilla ?"

IELTS Speaking Questions

We advise you on the following topics ; read the relevant stories , learn about them and try to utilise the language in youe speech




Sample Speaking Part III
Sample Speaking Part II
Sample Speaking Part I
What are the advantages and disadvantages of being famous New
What is the influence of our Names on our personality
What is the best gift you have ever recieved
Describe an influential person in your life
What do you do to relax
How do you start a running program
What is your favorite restaurant
What is the last time you visited a dentist
What is a perfect job to you
Should we get into personal life of famouse people
Could you talk about your hometown
Could you talk about the history of your hometown
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile
Describe one equipment in your home
Describe a typical day in your life
What do you usually do in your free time/ spare time
What is an interesting building in your City
What is the importance of English
What is your favorite room in the house
What is your favorite book
What is your favorite music
What is your favorite museum
What is your best travel
Do you usually travel alone or with friends / relatives
What is your plan for the next five years

Do you usually hang out with friends
Who is your best friend
Is it easy for you to make friends
Do you have many friends or a few friends
Who is your favorite actor/ actress
What is the best wedding you have ever been to
What are some of the benefits of outdoor sports
who is your favorite teacher
How is the Transportation system in your hometown
How the technology has affected your life



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